Why are Experts Annoying?

Have you ever experienced that when you go out for a lunch with a food blogger, they start cringing about the way it is presented and what the recipe is lacking. Even though you find the food decent, they keep bickering about it and call the manager to file a complaint too. 

You may find it super annoying and irritating to witness and go through all that havoc.


When you travel with an interior designer then they might come up with how ugly the furniture looks in the cafe.


And when you tell your fashion designer friend about the new dress you bought, they might come up and say that the fabric is bad or the design is so outdated.

Similarly for music, politics, camera angle in a video, your different friends may bicker too usually for the things that you don’t care much about.


Now you will surely feel annoyed and irritated when landing in such a situation and things might even get awkward or embarrassing for you.


But these are the people who are trained to spot errors and even worse, they know how to fix them.


An average person is easy to please in most things, average is good enough for us. 


Experts are annoying and mad at things so we don’t have to.



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