What are Atomic Habits and How They Can Destroy You?

Atomic Habits are tasks that are small as well as easy to perform, and when done correctly and over a long period of time can become a source of incredible knowledge and power.


The key is to be consistent with micro habits over a significant period of time and be patient. Understanding the difference between being patient and being lazy is crucial too.


Habits are like a double edged sword, they can cut through as well as cut you. So be you need to be careful with what you follow.


(1.01)365 = 37.7

(0.99)365 = 0.03

Time will compound and magnify things, if you feed good habits then you’ll bloom and if you feed poor habits it’ll be super destructive over time.


Be Careful of Valley of Disappointment

There will come a time when you are putting in the efforts and following your atomic habits but you are not seeing the results that you expected or projected. You will be really disappointed and might even think of quitting and stopping the efforts you were putting in. This is the time you need to keep being patient and consistent will all of the efforts.

Small changes and improvements won’t start appearing till you cross the critical threshold. It’s like a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) of a Mutual Fund. You won’t see a big investment and gain in a couple of years but over a few years, the graph starts skyrocketing with significant gains each year.

You can even compare it to a fitness transformation, you won’t see a difference each day or even in the first few weeks…. But when you are consistent and look at your transformation pictures after a few months and even years you’ll see how far you have come.


When you break the plateau and cross the threshold people will start thinking of you as an overnight success without knowing all the efforts and nights you put in.


Start with small and easy habits instead of the big ones, they are easy to keep up with and you will be a lot more motivated throughout the journey.


It’s not about the goal, it’s about setting a set of habits and systems and then being consistent with them.



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