Say NO to Almost Everything?

If you haven’t learned anything from watching the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carry, then this blog will help you a lot. You should decide and control what and who has access to you. When you are constantly saying Yes to everyone else, you are saying no to yourself.


Saying “Yes” is a habitual learned behavior that is developed with time mainly due to traditional norms of society. While saying “No” is a skill set that needs to be developed.

This advice isn’t just valid for entrepreneurs, but for all the population in general.


There is no point in being a welcome doormat for people.


It’s not about just the people, it’s about the opportunities as well. So need to be super selective with your time and effort.


I have personal criteria that If it doesn’t Excite you, say No


Saying No will make your Yes more powerful and assertive too. You will be less likely to feel demotivated by your choice.


Now at the same time, you need to accept that you’ll lose a lot of opportunities and people by saying No, but remember that you are not entitled to anything.


So always remember “IF IT DOESN’T EXCITE YOU, SAY NO !!!



Thank you for reading.

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