Nectar in Decaying Containers

Whenever we look outside we see the present form of things and how beautiful they are on the outside. While missing the fact that each and everything is either dying or decaying.


On the contrary, all the dying things and items still have some beauty left in them, we might lack the perspective to recognize them in the brief observation.


“Nector in Decaying Containers” was a line said by Buddhist Novelist George Saunders in an interview with Tim Ferris.


We just lack the perspective to see how beautiful things are right now, and how fast they’ll change with time. You are the youngest you ever will be anymore.


The things you take for granted and think that are no longer beautiful are the ones with an unexpected amount of nectar ie beauty left in them.

For example, the 12year old car you have and think of as scrap was your first car with some really beautiful memories in it. So whenever you ride it, it reminds you of the good times you had in that car, and how many memories you made with it.


Develop a broader perspective and see the good even in the bad things, and learn to follow a stoic philosophy. It won’t reduce the bad things that happen to you, but will surely help you endure the bad days and hardships.

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