Loving What I Used to Hate

Our opinions can change quite easily so be careful when you use the word “Hate”. May it be a person, song, job, political party, brand, or even your neighbor’s dog try not to form an opinion that’s too extreme.


When I started my first job, there was a manager who was super nosey and always tried to interfere in the work I was doing. Everything about him made me feel annoyed, from the way he eats to the way he holds his phone. You could say that I used to hate him. But when I messed up in a project he was the one who protected me from the wrath of the client. So I started loving him instead and all those habits seemed normal to me.


Two months later I got to know he is leaving his wife, so again I started having an opinion that he isn’t a good person only to later realize that his wife cheated on him.


It was at this moment in my life that I realized that it’s always too soon to form an opinion.


During my engineering college days, I used to hate my elective subject of Signals and Communication. It was to such an extent that I never even bothered purchasing the book subscribed to us. But when the exams came by and I had to study inevitably when I realized that this elective was something that I am loving to learn about. So more I read and studied about it, my love for the subject increased.


Obviously, there are examples that go the other way as well like there were dishes like soyabean chaap that I used to love, but I kinda hate them now. 


Just because you used to hate the jobs in the banking sector when you were a kid doesn’t mean you’ll hate it when getting a lucrative opportunity from them. 


Opinions change with time, facts change with time. Old opinions shouldn’t restrict who you should be in the future.

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