Did the Books Kill the Cooks?

Reading books and consuming knowledge is great, perhaps one of the best things that you can do to grow in not just your career but also develop your personality too. 


But do you even utilize that knowledge? 


What is the point of reading a book every week when you won’t even implement any of them? The sole objective of reading a self-help book is to use that knowledge and implement them to make your or life of others better in one sort or another.


If we read just one book a year and then try to implement what the author tried to say, our lives could have been a lot better than reading a new book every day.


Reading 100 investment books a year would make you a good reader, but won’t make a successful investor. You have to implement and use what you learn, only then you can actually understand what the author was trying to say.


Just like investment, reading recipes and cookbooks will give you nice insights, but won’t make you a better chef. You’ll have to move that ass and go and cook to test the recipe yourself.

You’ll spend your days and free time reading about recipes and ingredients, and even when you could have tried cooking a meal you decided lye in a bed and read more recipes.

Hence too many books killed the cooks.


With books will come knowledge,
When you implement that knowledge you’ll gain experience,
And eventually, that experience is what will bring you wisdom.

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