Flywheel Effect of a Habit Loop. What it is and how to use it?

You try to start its rotation manually by pushing it and you are able to push it an inch at almost an unnoticeable speed. Then after a few hours, you were successful in completing 1 full rotation. As you keep pushing the speed of the flywheel starts increasing and not it’s easily noticeable. So a rotation that was taking an hour earlier was taking just 10 seconds now.

What is Sunk Costs Fallacy?

Search engine optimization(SEO) is crucial for all businesses whether it may B2B or B2C. Research shows that 83% of people do online research before they make an online purchase even if the purchase happens in your store. Moreover, 53% of all website traffic is from organic search, and let’s be honest to ourselves, who even goes to google’s second page.

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