7 Creative Strategies and Examples To Increase Brand Visibility

Brand visibility plays a crucial role in growing your business, it will create credibility among your potential customers as well as current customers. Every brand/ business/ influencer tries to get as much exposure as possible, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), promotional ads, shoutouts, collaboration, etc. But making it stand out can be a time-taking as well as a tedious process and let’s not forget the strategy and planning that goes behind it.

Before jumping into the strategies, here are 7 questions that you need to ask yourself.

  1. Who is your Target Audience (TA)?

  2. What does my target audience Want and Need?

  3. Which Platform does my target audience use?

  4. What Problems do I solve?

  5. How soon(Time) do I need to be visible? 

  6. What is my Budget?

  7. What are your Key Selling Points(KSP)?

  8. How can I Scale my business?


Now let’s dive into 5 Creative Strategies to increase your brand awareness.


  1.  Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships

Strategic collaborations can be the biggest asset to your brand. By strategic partnership, we mean to collaborate with a brand that has the same or a very similar target audience but doesn’t sell the same product/ service.

Here are a few examples to help you understand it better: 

  1. Tattoo Studio X Gym

Both the businesses have a similar target audience, as people who go to the gym are likely to get a tattoo too.
Offer like: Buy an annual gym membership and get a 50% discount up to 5K 

Moreover, if you are a high-end tattoo studio then collaborating with a gym that has an affluent clientele can be really lucrative and smart too.

  1. Car Accessories X Car Dealership

A car accessories seller can sell his car accessories using a vending machine, gift bag, and small counter/ canopy as an offline source. While the car dealership can display its cars on social media or where the accessories are being sold already.

People go for upgrades a lot of time when purchasing a car by buying things like perfume, steering covers, body covers, foot mats, etc. So it can be a great opportunity to upsell and make more money accompanied by a better customer experience as well.


  1. Travel Agency X Travel Insurance

It’s super easy to sell luggage and travel insurance to a person who is travelling abroad. You can also give travel insurance as a promotional offer too, like free travel insurance for the family this Diwali.

This kind of upselling can generate a lot of additional revenue and let’s not forget the added customer satisfaction too.

  1. Realtor X Real Estate Inspection Agency

Every homeowner needs a home inspection done before buying a house. The real estate agent and the real estate inspection agency will have the same leads so the lead generation cost can come down drastically when both businesses share their leads with each other.


  1. Apparel Manufacturer X Custom Printing

Custom printing companies constantly require a good reliable and consistent apparel quality so having a strategic partnership can help them achieve that. When this company gets any bulk order it will get very easy to handle the supply chain. 

While there are a lot of queries for custom print/ embroidery with an apparel manufacturer, they can always redirect those orders to you considering that you buy the apparel from them.

There can be an infinite number of such examples where sharing leads and collaborating will provide a tremendous windfall and can be lucrative too. This collaboration won’t need additional costs with a very high upside and exposure too.


  1.  SEO Keyword Strategy

Keywords are the words or phrases that people type to search for, so when making the strategy for SEO don’t forget to add Phrases and Long-Tail Keywords. These are the ones people search for the most. 

Here are 5 key points to take care of when making the keyword strategy.

  1. What do you want?

  2. What will your target audience search for?

  3. Your Key Selling Points(KSP)?

  4. Your Competitor’s Keywords

  5. Search Volume VS Competition


  1.  Micro Videos

  2.  Customer Feedback

  3.  Referrals

  4.  Digital Presence

  5.  Consistency


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