Who We Are?

If Only Words Could Describe Us

How it all Started

“Well I used work as a software developer in an IT company and was getting a hang of it when I started interacting with the marketing head of our company where he saw some untapped potential in me and asked me start learning more about it.
So out of curiosity I started going through Gary Vaynerchuck, Jay Abraham and other few marketing veteran’s content and realised this is it; this is something I wanna do for the rest of my life. Soon I pitched to a lead and it converted and I started hiring people.”

Anchit Kumar
Founder, The Marketing Cosmos.

Our Mission

We want to help YOU become visible to World in the most efficient way possible.

Our mission is to help businesses grow exponentially in the most efficient way possible.

Every business has it’s own struggle and issues which we want to reduce as much as possible such that we focus on things that matter the most, that’s your product.
We have a  team of people who expertise in this and together we can make the world see you.​


Our Core Values

Our organisation is nothing without core values. 
They Define Us, They Build Us.